The Penis Wall

A kinetic schulpture that visualizes fluctuations in the stock market.
· Art Installation    · Data Visualization   
Project Details

Exhibitions: NYC Media Lab Annual Summit
  World Maker Faire 2014
  IRL Club
  NYC Resistor
  STEMinism: Inspiring Women Scientists

Date: Februery-May, 2014

Online: Website

Tech: 3D Printing
  Digital Fabrication
  Customized Software
  Circuit Design

The Penis Wall is a kinetic sculpture consisting of 81 3D-printed erectable penises that were designed to visualize fluctuations in the stock market. It was later developed to having the ability to respond to a viewer's movement and dance to a piece of music.

The work received worldwide recognition for its boldness and its cultural implication by borrowing the form of a sexual organ and linking that to the cravings in business world. It was reported by the Huffington Post and exhibited in the 2014 Maker Faire in New York, the NYC Media Lab Annual Summit and IRL Club in the city of New York.

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