Mapping Dark Ecology Art Scene in New York

This project visualizes what efforts artists and institutions in New York are making to help us re-evaluate the relationship between human and nature in our time.
· Data Visualization    · Research    · Interactive Design  
Project Details

Client: Floating Studio
  of Dark Ecologies

Year: 2015

Online: Interactive Site

Tech: Interactive Design
  Data Visualization

“Mapping Dark Ecology in NY” is a data visualization project done with New York based artist Marina Zurkow. In a collaborative effort, we looked into projects centering around the topic of ecology, especially projects that come with a tinge of irony, ugliness or horror. The project tries to build a framework to help interested parties look at today’s landscape of this field and learn what focus areas are heavily or slightly touched upon.

The data was collected with the art research project, Floating Studio of Dark Ecologies.

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