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Design is not making beauty, beauty emerges from selection, affinities, integration, love.

Louis Kahn
721 Interactive is a New York-based creative agency that specializes in digital and interactive design. We strive to understand our clients’ need and are dedicated to creating the most effective and meaningful solutions to enhance their brand image & influence by taking advantage of today’s technologies.
Our interdisciplinary team is comprised of talents with backgrounds ranging from design, engineering to TV production. At the same time, all of us come from the Interactive Telecommunications Program housed in the prestigious Tisch School of the Arts of New York University. The diversity and close bond between everyone gives rise to the team’s high performance and a cohesive workflow from the beginning to the end.


Data Visualization

We make your data more readable, meaningful and appealing to the eye. We can do it on the web. We also do it in your city's town hall!


We build site-specific installations that transform space and tell stories.

Projection Mapping

We design stunning visual effects and immersive experience using projections.
   Web Development
   Digital Fabrication
   Electronic Engineering
   User Research
   Graphic Design
   Motion Graphics


Eli Zhang
Interactive Producer & Creative Technologist
Eli manages projects from concept through implementation at our studio. Drawing from his previous work experience as a news producer, he specializes in instilling story-telling in his works including data visualization, digital performance, and digital fabrication. Eli used to work at China Central Television and was part of the “Future Dance Ensemble”in Beijing. After coming to New York, he was chosen as Google’s Future of Storytelling Project grantee.
Peiqi Su
Art Director & Experience Design Lead
Peiqi leads the creative efforts for our studio which blends art, design, and technology. In her practice, she always designs experiences that are centered around and speak to the people. Peiqi brings to our team her outstanding skills in graphic design, UX design, interaction design & research. Previously, she has worked at Microsoft, UC Berkeley, New York University and offered consultation with a number of startups in New York . Her work, “The Penis Wall” has been presented in numerous exhibitions and reported world wide. She now holds an Extraordinary Ability in Arts Visa in the US.
Deqing Sun
Technical Director & Creative Technologist
Deqing leads our technical innovation and development efforts. He specializes in mechanical design, product design, art installation fabrication and engineering. His skill set constantly helps us massage through today’s ever-changing technological world. His insight in adopting for different projects the most appropriate technologies ensures the quality and efficiency in delivering our work. Deqing has worked with Parallel Development and ESI Design. His works have been installed worldwide including Dubai, New York and Boston.
Yuhang Chen
Creative Director & Interactive Developer
Coming from an interdisciplinary background,Yuhang oversees the quality of our product and creative design. Drawing on his experience in digital fabrication, animation, and interactive design, he keeps an eye on the market need and helps us research and develop our product on the vanguard of the tech and design world. Yuhang has cooperated with designers from Samsung, R/GA, and Second Story. He is also an award-winner of Shanghai International Science & Art Exhibition 2013.


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